Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Don’t Forget to Vote Today

…if you’re Korean. From what I am told, there are a slew of candidates on the ballot this presidential election, but it seems that won’t be stopping Lee Myung-bak from easily taking this nation’s top office. And you know he will be tough too; just look at this campaign van that keeps driving around my neighborhood.

Just look at his bad self! You know he is gonna kick some partisan ass! I think he should have taken that picture with a pair of brass knuckles in his fist. Now that would have been tough!

Lee Myung-bak is a member of the pro-American Grand National Party (their name in Korean is Han-na-ra, which works perfectly in political chants I must say). He wants to implement more free-market reforms and a stronger stance against the North Korean government. He has been dogged by corruption scandals during this campaign, but with the sitting president and his party being as stupid and incompetent as possible, it doesn’t seem to have effected the public’s opinion in a serious manner.

Now imagine this poster, but instead of his fist in the air, he is holding a machine gun! Now that would be some sweet propaganda!

Lee has also said some pretty un-PC comments in the past. He contributed some of his “life’s wisdom” to a leading paper in Korea, and this is what he said:
“When you go to a massage girl (prostitute), be sure to pick up an ugly one because too many men have used the pretty ones. And the ugly girl will be grateful to you and do her best to please you."

Imagine if Rudy Giuliani said that! That comment makes American politicians seem tame in comparison.

Korean’s do love their protesting, and this last week has been burdened by clashes between “progressives” and "conservatives" in a build up to the election. I had to get a new background check produced for my visa, but there were no police officers available in my local police station to pull fingerprints for me. They all had been called to deal with clashes in southern Uljin. I hear it has been worse in Seoul and Busan.

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